Birchwood Avenue

Primary School

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Attendance & Punctuality

8.35am - School gates to the playground open, children enter classrooms to start early work

8.50am - Registers taken and playground gate closes

3.05pm - School day finishes



We expect all pupils to have an attendance figure of at least 96%.



Please be punctual for school as it is very disruptive to the school when children arrive later than expected. It is also detrimental to a child's education and personal wellbeing to be late for school.


We expect children to attend school unless they are very unwell. If your child has vomited or had diarrhoea, we do ask that they do not return to school until 48 hours after the last episode.


If your child is unwell and/or needs to be off school, please inform the school office by 9.30am at the latest.


Attendance Raffle

Each term, the school rewards good attendance with the opportunity for pupils to win prizes. For each week within the term a pupil has attended everyday, they are awarded a virtual raffle ticket.


Attendance Champion

Our attendance champion is Miss A James.

We are keen to support families to improve attendance and punctuality. Please speak with Miss James for further information.


Education is the key to future success and it is imperative that children are in school as often as possible in order that they make the most of the learning opportunities offered at school.