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Our Learning Journey

Our Learning Journey so far in Reception has been exciting! The children have been incredibly engaged in discussions and have shown amazing understanding of what we've learnt. 


The document below shows just how engaged they have been in learning about Primary School life. They came up with this set of rules themselves and named them the 'Reception Superhero Rules'. Since creating this, they refer to it daily and even include it in their play.


Also in Reception, we have a class teddy called Mr Pickle! Every Friday, one child is chosen to take Pickle home if they have shown that they are a Reception Superhero. Pickle comes home with a sharing book to read over the weekend with parents/carers. 


Recently, Pickle had his own birthday. In that week we learnt all about birthday's, how this is the day we were born. We also made a graph showing how many children in Reception had a birthday each month! Our highest was January, with 8 people having a birthday in this month.