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Our Learning Journey


In Geography, we have been learning all about the Amazon. As part of our fieldwork, we travelled to the River Lea to compare a local river to the Amazon River. 


We found that the Amazon River flowed at a higher speed than the River Lea. We tested this by measuring the velocity of the River Lea by placing a ball in the water and timing how long it took for it to travel from the start point to the end point. 


We worked as a team to collect our data. 


When we got back to school, we used our research skills to find out the velocity of the Amazon River. 


We also measured the depth of the River Lea by using tape measure and measured from the bottom of the river to the surface.


We then completed a field sketch and drew the river and it's surrounding area. 



In PE, we ended our dance unit by taking part in a DDmix workshop. Our focus was on Salsa dancing


We enjoyed learning new dance moves and sequences, before having to create our own counts of 8. 



Design and Technology

In DT, we have been looking at the structure and focussing on Pavilions. We looked at a range of existing pavilions and then had a go at designing our own. 


We started by looking at the structure of the Pavilion and built the structure by using wooden lollypop sticks.