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Our History Curriculum


Understanding the world around us is one of the key components of the curriculum and history is one of the subjects that facilitates this understanding for our children. We believe in our children having the opportunities and experiences to not only understand the immediate community they are a part of but also the wider world, developing into local and global citizens.


Knowing about the past, both within their living memory and prior to that, is a key element of the curriculum we deliver here at Birchwood Avenue. We use history as one of the driving themes of our half termly or termly topics. For us, great history is about our children asking questions and displaying a drive to find out the answers through enquiry. We use the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum and adapt the ARK curriculum to design a package of history that is progressive and planned in a chronological way, allowing our children to transfer their skills, knowledge and understanding between topics and periods of time. We adapt our History curriculum so that it is reflective of the cohorts of children we are teaching, as well as working to ensure that our pupils are taught the necessary knowledge, concepts and disciplinary skills needed to be effective historians.


Please see the 'Curriculum Intent, Progressions of Skills and Long Term Planning Overview' document for an in-depth description of how we teach skills that progress from EYFS through to Year 6, and the topics that each year group study.


Although our 'Overview and Educational Visits' document has been designed to support our teachers, it can also be used to see how you could take your child on day trips, if desired, to support their learning of history.

Year 5 - Baghdad (Silk Road)

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