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Year 5C

Welcome to 5C.  Here are just a few snapshots of life in Newton class at Birchwood Avenue! In our class, we follow our interests, work together and always try our best. Please take the time to look at all the exciting things we are doing this year.


Mr Connolly, Mrs Stewart and Mrs Mann. 


Welcome to Newton Class

Isaac Newton was one of the great figures in the history of science. His ideas about motion and gravity are very important to the science of physics.


His first great discovery came from his experiments with light. He found that when white light passes through a prism, or triangular piece of glass, it breaks up into a band of colours. Newton concluded that white light is a mixture of colours.


Newton’s work showed how gravity controls the motion of the planets around the sun as well as the motion of the Moon. As he studied gravity and motion, Newton also made important contributions to mathematics.