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Class welcome letter

Summer Term Overview letter


Friday 18th September 2020

Dear Families of 3H,


Welcome to Year 3H. I am your child’s class teacher; we also have Mrs Jewell as a teaching assistant who will help us with our learning in the mornings.


Our learning value of the month is ‘empathy’. The children have been working on demonstrating this through showing respect and valuing differences, considering the feelings of others and managing our own emotions.


Our PE days are Monday and Thursday. This term, we are focusing on improving our ball skills. The children will need to continue to wear the appropriate kit on these days, bearing the weather in mind. Please make sure your child is able to remove earrings or wear tape when necessary. 


Our Topic for this term is Scrumdiddlyumptious, which focuses on food in all curriculum areas. 


In English, we are focusing our learning around our class novel which is ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. The children will learn to read and write recipes and instructions, nonsense poetry and adverts. By the end of the year, children are expected to be able to write extended pieces showing neat cursive handwriting, appropriate punctuation and clear understanding. To support this, you can encourage them to write at home daily.


In Maths, our learning is centred around number and place value, for the first term. The children will further develop their understanding of bar models, place value charts, part-whole models, addition and subtraction and problem solving. Alongside this, times table knowledge will be continuously developed.


In Science, the children will be learning about animals including humans, which includes types of nutrition, skeletons and muscles. The children will be given the opportunity to enquire to ensure they are working scientifically.


In PSHE, we will continue using the Jigsaw approach to mindfulness, which focuses on ‘new beginnings’ for the beginning of a new academic year.


In Geography and History, we will learn about food miles, fair trade and the origin of food and traditions. 


In Art and Design Technology, we will be investigating food packaging, creating adverts and cooking.


Mrs Ainsworth will teach our RE and Computing lessons this term. The children will be learning about Christianity, Islam in RE and word processing, digital imagery and E-Safety in Computing.


We have recently introduced whole class guided reading, which focuses on a particular theme each week. The children will also be taking part in fun activities during this time, including quizzes. Your child will be given a book to take home each week, which is carefully chosen, based on their ability. The expectation is that your child reads to an adult at least 7 times a week for approx. 15 - 20 minutes. This needs to be recorded in the Reading Record and signed by an adult – this is checked daily. Any comments you make are very helpful. It is important that children have the opportunity to discuss what they are reading as well as developing their fluency. Children who have read regularly are likely to be selected for exciting opportunities.


As per our home learning policy, the expectation is that every child works on their spellings and times tables every day. Every week, on a Friday, pupils will be sent home with words with a sound focus, including year 3 and 4 common exception words. They will then be tested on the following Friday. Remember, you are also expected to be able to spell all these words in your independent work - not just in the test!  

There is also the expectation that every child works on their number facts knowledge every day. This will involve learning and knowing times tables as inside out and back to front as possible, as well as knowing your number facts and fractions.  At the end of Year 3, children should be able to talk about their mathematics using the numbers they are familiar with, applying their understanding of number, measures and shape to a greater range of problems. They should be able to make decisions about calculations and information that is needed to solve problems. 


Additionally, your child’s wellbeing plays a large role in helping them learn. At home, you can help us maintain their happiness by allowing them to get plenty of sleep at night, healthy meals, a routine that they can become familiar with (such as a set time for teeth brushing, bath time and story reading) and fresh clothes for them to arrive at school in, ready to learn.  


Our class assembly link is:


We look forward to an exciting and fun year ahead.  We are always happy to answer any queries (preferably at the end of the day once all the children have been dismissed).


Many thanks,


Miss Hare

Year 3H Teacher