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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5


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Our topics for this year include:
Star Gazers (Earth and Space) - Autumn 1
Plague And Pestilence - Autumn 2

Time Traveller-Spring 1
Pharaohs (Ancient Egypt) - Spring 2
Beast Creator (Minibeasts) - Summer 1
Alchemy Island - Summer 2

As part of One World Week, Year 5 had a go at Indian dancing.

Year 5 had the opportunity to make Christmas lanterns, so that they could take part in the lighting up Hatfield parade.

Year 5 had great fun working with a forensic scientist to solve a case about a stolen dog.

Year 5 enjoying their golf taster lesson.

As part of World Book Week, Year 5 worked with Darren to perform their own version one of the dance routines from 'Matilda'.

Year 5 had a go at using quills to write a potion based on Roald Dahl's 'The Witches'.

Our fantastic costumes for World Book Day.

In Science, we worked together on an insulation experiment to stop an ice cube melting.

Well done to the Year 5 team who attended the robotics competition at Stanborough School and managed to come 2nd ! It was a fantastic morning, where they had to build and programme a robot.

In Science, we tested a range of materials for their permeability, in order to decide which would be the best to make a waterproof jacket out off.

We explored tetrahedrons and worked as a team to build a giant tetrahedron in the hall. It was constructed from 384 pieces of timber and 424 triangles !

As part of our Egyptians topic, we made death masks based around the one worn by Tutankhamun.

Year 5 at Woburn Safari Park.

Years 5 and 6 had great fun performing tricks on BMXs.